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Boonville, MO
June 15, 2024

$4,200 total cash prizes for first place finishers

Nirvana: a state of perfect happiness; an ideal or idyllic place

Gravel: crunchy, challenging surface that brings immense pain or pleasure

Relay: Sharing the pain and pleasure with friends



Nirvana Gravel Relay

The Nirvana Gravel Relay is a gravel grinder for the serious soloist or a challenging social event for the gravel enthusiast. It is a passion project of an avid gravel cyclist and friends and family to offer a unique cycling experience combining endurance and team racing. 

​Racers choose their own experience. Options include completing the entire 165-mile course as a solo rider, teaming up with a partner to each complete 110 miles, or joining a three-person team, each tackle one leg of the cloverleaf course. 


Racers will start and finish each stage of the race at the race grounds, allowing support crews to enjoy vendors and entertainment while waiting for their racer's return

The 165-mile course is broken down into three legs:

  • Boonslick: 55 miles

  • Big Lick:  55 miles

  • Big Muddy: 55 miles

Race legs will be completed consecutively in the order specified by race coordinators on the day of the event. 

All racers are self-supported while on the course. Each solo or team racer will return to the race grounds and cross the "finish" line for that specific leg before receiving support. Racers can change any equipment, including entire bikes, between finishing a leg and starting the next leg. Any racer support found on the course will be disqualifying.  


3-person teams - Each rides a 55 mile route course at the same time.

2 -person teams  - Both riders start on Big Muddy Route and then separate and ride one of the other routes left. 

Time stops as the last rider of each team crosses the finish line.

Racers, support crews, and vendors are invited to converge on the race grounds for primitive camping on June 14. Fee-based camper hookups are available nearby and require reservations.


165 Miles.

But you don't have to do it all by yourself.


CHOOSE YOUR adventure

Racers can choose the endurance experience by taking on the entire 165-mile route as a solo racer.

Relay racers can choose to a two-person option with each riding two legs of the route,
or the three-person option with each rider racing one of the approximately 55-mile legs.

Racers on course are self-supported only. Racer support must remain on the
race grounds and may offer aid and resources only while racers are on the property.


Solo Racer





Relay Team





Man & Woman



Relay Team




Men & Women

If you don't want to be rushed and enjoy the experience No Problem! Check out our reduced rate for noncompetitive riders.

Utilize the event Facebook page to connect with other potential racers to organize a team...

Rules of the Race

  1. BE SAFE. Carry plenty of water and nutrition to stay healthy on each leg of the race.

  2. You are responsible for yourself. Organizers, staff, sponsors, or promoter's are NOT responsible for any unfortunate outcome that may be incurred to people or property during participation in this race or while on the race grounds.

  3. Each racer is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for getting lost, stranded or injured or worse.

  4. All riders must wear protective helmets at all times.

  5. All bikes on course must utilize a front and rear headlight 30 minutes before sunset through 30 minutes after sunrise.

  6. Support crews are not allowed on the course except to pick up a rider abandoning the race. If support crew are found on course, their supported team will be marked DNF (Did Not Finish) and will not be allowed to finish their legs. There are no exceptions.

  7. Support crews are allowed to help only at the designated exchange area at the end of each clover leaf.

  8. Within the designated exchange area, riders can change out any equipment, including a complete bike.

  9. Riders must abide by the rules of the road. This is an open road course and there will be motor vehicles of all types and various speeds traveling through and across the race course.

  10. If you come upon someone along the route traveling by horseback, you must treat them as priority making sure they can go about their business safely and without fear. Anyone that is found breaking this rule will be banned for life to all events in the future.

  11. Participant substitution is allowed up until the day before the race at 5pm.

  12. Each of the top three competitors for every class must submit a Strava or Ride with GPS activity showing the route taken before placings will be awarded. In the event a competitor cannot prove the correct route was utilized, they will be considered DNF and will forfeit winnings.

  13. Cheaters will be banned from all events in the future and will forfeit any winnings incurred during the race.

  14. Electronic motored bikes are permitted; however,  they are not eligible for placement or awards outside of an e-bike-specific category.



June 15, 2024


Rain or shine!


Nirvana Gravel Relay

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